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WS-23 Cooling Agent | 30ml

WS-23 Cooling Agent | 30ml

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Use WS-23 Cooling Agent to Improve Your Diy E-Liquid Mixing

WS-23 Cooling Agent is the ideal option for do-it-yourself e-liquid aficionados who want to incorporate a cold and refreshing touch into their concoctions. This 30ml cooling agent bottle lets you explore a world of frosty, chilly, and energising vaping sensations.

We are well known for the effectiveness and purity of our WS-23 Cooling Agent. The purpose of its design is to deliver a cooling sensation that improves your vaping experience without changing the flavour of your e-liquids. You may have a cool breeze with WS-23 without sacrificing the flavour you adore.

The adaptability of WS-23 is one of its advantages. You have the ability to adjust your e-liquids' cooling intensity. You may customise your vaping experience with this cooling agent to your liking, whether you want a little undertone of coolness or an intense Arctic blast of freshness.

It's simple to use WS-23 Cooling Agent into your DIY e-liquid recipes. You can easily and precisely add the energising cold of your choosing to your dishes.

With the help of WS-23 Cooling Agent, up your DIY e-liquid mixing game and discover a world of cool sensations and revitalising flavours. Today, make the wise decision to improve your vaping experience.

WS-23 Cooling Agent | 30ml

WS-23 Cooling Agent | 30ml

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